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Building Your Own Greenhouse
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By Max Clarke

Picture this. Out your kitchen window there's three feet of snow on the ground and the thermometer reads five degrees below zero. You have guests coming for dinner and you really want to impress them.

With a smile, you walk to your frig and pull out fresh lettuce, home grown tomatoes, fresh radishes and green onions. These veggies aren't pre-washed, treated with preservatives or vacuum packed for extended shelf life!

And no, you didn't get them from the grocery store where they were shipped from south or north of the equator (depending on where you live.) So where did they come from? Your own backyard!

Listen, it's amazing what inroads we've made in the growth and delivery of fruits and vegetables. Take a stroll through the produce aisles of your favorite supermarket during the winter months and you can find plums from Chile, avocados from Guatemala and ready-made salads sealed in plastic.

BUT, if you enjoy truly fresh fruits and vegetables take the step and learn how you can have these tasty commodities year round!

Building your own greenhouse may sound like a daunting task, but it really isn’t.

Whether you are an avid gardener or a gardening wannabe, there is something for everyone in The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse

  • What is a Greenhouse
  • How do they store heat
  • What are the different types of Greenhouses and how do they differ
  • All about Greenhouse flooring - what type of floors are available and which should you use
  • Cooling and ventilating your Greenhouse
  • Understanding heating methods
  • Energy requirements for your Greenhouse
  • Good fuel sources
  • What about watering your Greenhouse
  • What you can plant
  • What are cold frames and hot beds
  • Accessories and equipment
  • What supplies will you require
  • About that all important subject – lighting
  • Hey, we aren't saying that you will ever become a world famous conservatory. But you CAN become the envy of the neighborhood and grow your own fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Just one click away and The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse you can discover how to build your own greenhouse.

Just picture yourself biting into fresh, juicy tomatoes that you grow yourself any time of year. Or crisp leafy salads covered in your favorite dressing.

Imagine having your very own fresh bouquets adorning your home every day of the year. And, without paying a florist to deliver them!

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