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2: About Kokedamas

苔玉 Kokedama: Moss Ball
The mossy balls originating in Japan reflect the aesthetic principle of wabi-sabi, a Taoistic form of appreciation for the wonder that is nature.

Translated, wabi-sabi is admiring and embracing the wildness, the irregularity, the incompleteness as well the simplicity of living.

One can easily understand how the girls went crazy over these amazing, fun and beautiful kokedamas. Foremost, by what they represent.

These plants are not only naturally beautiful, made from sustainable materials and extremely versatile as home decor but also functional. Plants serve as air purifiers, improving your health with increased oxygen levels and thereby increasing your productivity.

Your Kokedamas will look amazing anywhere from your office to your bathroom, in a pot, hung or many together as a living art installation.

Girls Gone Koko hope these cute balls of moss with their eclectic style and individuality will grow on you and nourish your soul.