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3: Caring for your Kokedama

General care for your kokedama
Watering: soak your ball in a container with room temperature water plant side up for 15 minutes then gently squeeze the moss ball to drain. Be mindful of stray drips when returning to position. Water less during cold months, more during warmer ones and mist plant foliage during low light hours to avoid sun damage.
Feeding: feed monthly during spring and summer, use half the recommended amount of liquid indoor plant fertilizer.

Tips for a happy kokedama Very Happy
- Succulents: Juicy kokedama love your patio, kitchen, porch and bright windows. They like to watch the sunrise and laze in the morning sun. Avoid soggy succulents by ensuring they dry out between soaking and mist during low light hours.
- Cacti: Prickly kokedama love your patio, garden, porch and bright windows. Cacti suit a light tan so hang or place them to bask in medium to high sun and mist to avoid a wrinkly appearance.
- Ferns: Hairy kokedama love your bathroom and laundry and don't mind the throne room. They enjoy being moist so try keep them in filtered light and humid by misting often.
- Philodendron and Pothos: Wandering kokedama love your living, dining and bedroom and don't mind the study. They are not sun lovers and prefer bright indirect light to low light settings. Mist occasionally and soak when the kokedama is dry.

Tips for a sad kokedama Sad
Mushy stems or yellowing foliage can be from overwatering. Wrinkly or crispy foliage can be from underwatering. If you require assistance with your kokedama please contact us.